As a child I would stay in my room for hours, my mother called me but I did not answer, I was immersed in my world made of sheets of paper, colored pencils, pieces of cloth and threads, glue and brushes, the outside world disappeared and I was them, with everything I could use to create with my imagination. Today after so many years I find myself great, in my small room where I have equipped a laboratory in which I put the same things that I used as a child, and then I lose myself in my world where unique objects to collect are formed in my hands. Working the fabrics in a plastic way and looking for the use of natural materials, fairytale and fantasy characters come to life. Happiness lies in seeing them born, each one with his own character, with a particular and with a little piece of my heart; and I find myself even happier when these objects are chosen by people who fall in love with it. Here is precisely this essence, being able to create something that can bring a piece of my love and my heart around the world.
My bears are born in my small 10 sqm workshop, completely handmade with my models. They are treated in every detail, a lot of attention in the seams, always expressing different expressions